Inspection Department/Planning

The Inspection Department is responsible for construction permits, inspections, and for enforcing city ordinances and codes in relation to building construction, planning, zoning, signage, parking, design standards, and property maintenance. 

This department also supervises floodplain management activities and serves as staff for the Indianola Planning Commission, Indianola Historic Commission, and Contractor Licensing Board.

Construction Permits:  Almost any work done requires a permit from the Department of Community Development prior to beginning the work.  The department issues permits for: building, electrical, plumbing, gas, mechanical, floodplain, site development, moving, signs, demolition, and water or sewer connections.  A copy of each permit application and supporting documentation can be on the right side of this page.

Planning:  The Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Ordinance and Zoning Map are an essential part of planning any construction project and can be found on the right side of this page.  You can find all development, zoning, subdivision, parking, sign, design, and historic preservation regulations in the Land Development Ordinance.

​Contractor Licensing:  All contractors and homeowners are reminded to obtain necessary permits before starting work. The City of Cleveland requires a contractor license for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas, and lawn irrigation on any project that involves the public.

Permit Applications


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