Parks and Recreation

Our parks include something for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. We continue to grow and change for the betterment of our community and the enjoyment of our citizens, visitors, and patrons. We indianola ms parksmaintain our parks and facilities to help meet the community's leisure time needs. We invite you to visit our parks and enjoy the quality of life they offer.

What you can do to help maintain our parks:

  • Pick up your own trash.
  • Leash your dogs and carry a clean-up bag for them - and use it.
  • Use designated areas for designated activities.
  • Don’t pour oil or chemicals on the grass.
  • Be courteous of others' use as well as your own.

Carolyn O'Neal, Director

Indianola Parks and Recreation
702 Roosevelt Street
Indianola MS 38751
Phone: 662-207-2680